Our Sustainable Fabrics

At Lady/Lay, we strive to make beautiful clothes while still trying to keep the world we live in a beautiful place. We combed through every store in Downtown LA to find the most sustainable fabrics in the most perfect weight and softness for each of our styles. We also make use of deadstock/recycled fabric whenever possible.

Our Colors

We hand-mix every color solution to find the perfect shade (does that make us scientists?).  That means these hues are unique to Lady/Lay. Even more, each piece is dyed individually to ensure full richness of color and zero imperfections.

Our Process

Our fabrics are soft to begin with, but call us perfectionists... we wanted them softer. Thanks to our special enzyme wash, all impurities are stripped away from the start, leaving a soft hand and pretty perfect appearance if we do say so ourselves. This means the color will not fade and each piece will continue to get softer with wear.

Every piece is purposely produced in Los Angeles, using only the best processes (and we know every single person involved, too!).