Silver Lady Loop Earrings

Silver Lady Loop Earrings


Earrings with loungewear? Ya, we’re doing it! Make your at-home ensemble work outside the house by throwing on a pair of these babies. They’re lightweight sterling silver hoops with unique gemstones that each have a special meaning. Choose your favorite color or the stone that’s calling to you.

No two stones are completely alike
Hoops: Gold-filled over sterling silver
Made in sunny LA

What do the stones mean anyway?
Rhodochrosite (pink + green) - Like your very own pair of rose colored glasses, but in earring form. This stone is said to bring a deep childlike happiness and joy into your life, aid in emotional healing and encourage you to feel love for yourself.

Dalmatian Agate (beige + black dots) - We’ve spotted the perfect stone to help you rise above. It’s said to release any lack of trust in other people and may also relieve feelings of vengeance, allowing you to move forward with grace. Plus, it goes with ev-ery-thing!

Moss Agate (green + white) - This green stone is thought to balance the left and right sides of the brain, adding one to move forward in life using a more united and balanced thought process. Perfect, because you have one stone on both sides.

Goldstone (bronze) - A glittering stone for a glittering future. The “stone of romance” is said to help attain your goals, encourage creativity and stabilize emotions.

Rainforest Jasper (camo colors) - Say g’day to this Australian gem that helps provide a deeper connection with nature and plants, trees and animals. It is also thought to encourage happiness and joy for a life both for yourself and others.

Jasper (grey, yellow, red) - Ready to breathe new life into a creative project or go after a new goal? This bold stone strengthens one's connection to Earth's energy and is said to manifest courage and wisdom. We’ll have one in every color, please!

Snowflake Obsidian (black) - Looking to find your rhythm? The healing energies of this stone are known to help balance your body, mind and spirit and can help remove negativity from a space of a person.

Tiger’s Eye (brown) - You’ve already got the eye of the tiger, and this stone will help you reach boss babe level. The Tiger’s Eye stone helps release fear and anxiety and aids in harmony and balance. It stimulates action and helps balance negative emotions by keeping the mind focused on your true desires.

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